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Kerrie Abba & Johnny Latta.
Rodney Walsh & Angela Heracleous. 


nomadic love poets serenading through Italy & France between the 11th-13th centuries

Drawing on the romance of the Troubadours origins & travels, two local food industry couples have indeed drawn on their own European roots & experiences to create a classic Euro bar on the northern beaches.

After almost a decade living in Italy, Kerrie & Johnny Latta, owners of local craft brewery NOMAD Brewing co had a desire to bring all the pleasure of a great Italian bar to their neighbourhood of Manly.

Teaming up with foodies Rodney & Angela from The Herring Room (The Sardine Room, Momo Espresso) the focus will be on delivering what any Troubadour aspires to, pleasure, passion & an experience to be remembered. Tapas style share plates with dishes such as….. there will not be a slider in sight! The seasonal food menu accompanied by drinks menu focusing on artisan beer, wine & spirits sourced locally & from further abroad. 

Like any European bar it’s about great hospitality, food & drink. So whether it’s for a cheeky aperitvo or a relaxed dinner with friends Bar Troubadour promises to make both the locals & those nomads from further afield truly happy when they visit.